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Blessed Day Weddings Agreement


Kyle Troxel, along with _________________________________________ and ____________________________________________(couple) agree to the following:

  1. Kyle shall perform the Marriage Ceremony for the couple at__________________________________(Location). The ceremony begins at________________(Time), on ______________________________(Date).
  2. Kyle will also coordinate the Wedding Rehearsal.
  3.  Kyle’s standard rate for the Wedding, Rehearsal, and Travel expense, is $400 dollars.
  4. The introductory meeting/consultation between Kyle, and the Couple, is Free.
  5. There is No Charge for email correspondence and/or phone conversations.
  6. The couple agrees to pay Kyle a $100 dollar deposit up front to begin the process.  The deposit officially reserve the date of the wedding. This deposit is part of the standard rate, with the remaining amount due at the rehearsal (See explanation below).
  7.  In the event that Kyle is unable to perform the couple’s wedding ceremony due to illness or another unforeseeable circumstance, a backup plan will be implemented, based on what Kyle and the Couple agree to.
  8. A copy of this wedding agreement, will also be provided to the couple for their records.


The couple and Kyle agree to the following fees:

Ceremony and rehearsal honorarium:                                       $400.00

Event Deposit                                                                                  $100.00
Total amount due at rehearsal.                                                   $300.00


Blessed Day Weddings, LLC. 720-772-0404

Kyle Troxel-Licensed Wedding Minister and Officiate

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