There are many items that we consider ceremony additions that create your desired atmosphere.  Together we learn what those ceremony additions are during the 3 sessions before the big day.

Unity Candle:

It is at this time that I would like to invite the parents of the Groom and Bride to come and light the unity candle. (Parents light candles)

Ladies and Gentlemen: These two people come here now before us to be united in marriage, just as the flames of these two candles are to be united into one flame.

Groom and Bride’s families each lit a candle for them, representing their lives to this moment and their ties to their families.

Groom and Bride, May the brightness of the candle you light together shine throughout your lives, giving you courage and reassurance in the darkness. May its warmth, give you shelter
from the cold, and may its energy fill your spirits with strength and joy. I will now invite you to take the two outer candles and use them to light the larger center candle; which symbolizes your new unity, as one in the flesh and one in the spirit. Do not extinguish the two outer candles – your individual “light” will not be extinguished by your unity, but instead will be supported by it.

Groom and Bride, may the light of your own special lives continue to feed the new flame of love which can make your future- with its hopes and disappointments, its successes and failures, its pleasures and pains, its joy and sorrows- a future filled with love.

Parental Rose Presentation:

Ladies and Gentlemen: As we acknowledge the love that has brought Groom and Bride together, so too do we recognize the merging of families taking place and the additional love and responsibility that goes along with this.

Groom and Bride, would now like to honor their parents, with a long stem rose, a traditional symbol of love, as a way of saying “thank you” for all your years of love and support. We ask,
Groom’s Parents, ______________________to come and receive their rose, and Bride’s Parents, _________________ to come and receive their rose.

Couples Rose Exchange:

Groom and Bride, It is my privilege to first address you as husband and wife and present you with your first gift. A long stem rose. In the language of flowers, a rose represents love.
Please exchange your roses, and by this exchange, you have now given your partner their first gift as a married couple. It is my wish that you have an appointed place within your home to
keep these symbols of love, and on your anniversary, you offer each other another rose. Also as with every relationship, it is occasionally difficult to find words to resolve certain issues. If
and when this does happen, if you would place a rose in that appointed place, both of you will know that it is a reinstatement of the love and the vows that you have made today.

Family Unity Medallion:

As we know, marriage is viewed as a union of two individuals. In reality, however, marriage is much broader. As we acknowledge the love that has brought Groom and Bride together,
so too, do we recognize the merging of families taking place and the additional love and responsibility that family and friends bring to the relationship.

Our children are gifts entrusted to us not as objects to be controlled, but as human beings, each unique in their own personality: each separate in they’re own identity.

It is with great honor that we recognize Children, and the significant role they play in this wedding celebration. Bride and Groom would like to present this Gift to Children as a symbol of
their unity as a family.

Drinking of the Wine/ Breaking of the Glass:

A cup of wine is symbolic of the cup of life, both Groom and Bride will drink from the same cup which symbolizes their commitment to share all life has to offer. All sweetness life’s cup
may hold shall be all the more sweeter because you drink from it together. Whatever bitterness life may contain shall be less bitter, because you share this together. (Bride and Groom drink from cup)

The breaking of the glass represents for our couple, a breaking from the past and a moving into their bright new future.

Prayer of the Four Elements: (Cherokee Prayer)

God in heaven above, please protect the ones we love. We honor all you created as we pledge our hearts and lives together. We honor mother earth and ask for our marriage to be abundant
and grow strong through the seasons; we honor fire and ask that our union be warm and glowing with love in our hearts; we honor wind and ask that we sail through life safe and calm
as in our father’s arms; we honor water to clean and soothe our relationship-that it may never thirst for love; with all the forces of the universe you created, we pray for harmony and true happiness as we forever grow young together. Amen

Additional Prayer:

Our God and God of our Fathers, creator of love and companionship, joy and gladness. The hearts of Groom and Bride are filled with gratitude today. For soon they will enter the covenant of marriage. They thank you for the influences that have led them to each other. Help them to be constantly worthy of your love. May your light illuminate their lives. May they ever be faithful to the finest within them, to each other and to you. Let us say. …Amen.

Bowl of Blessings:

Ladies and Gentlemen: Each of you has received a special stone at the beginning of this ceremony. Please take this stone and hold it in your hands. The stone is either a quartz, agate or amethyst. The quartz represents love, the agate represents serenity, and the amethyst represents peace. As you hold it, please close your eyes and think of all the good wishes, hopes, dreams and prayers you have for Groom and Bride. These hopes, wishes and prayers are
very important to Groom and Bride, as they will be treasuring them forever. (Pause for visualization)

As you leave this service we ask that you place your stones in the bowl of blessings. This Bowl of Blessings will be presented to Groom and Bride, who will place it in a prominent place within
their home. It will serve as a constant reminder not only of the happiness of this day but also of the love and support that you have given them.

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