colorado weddings

Colorado weddings are special. Kyle designs his wedding ceremonies to meet his clients’ desires. Blessed Day Weddings ceremony planning is simple:  “It is a couple’s desire to get married, they should have full control and input in designing their wedding ceremony. ” The couple’s special day should be one to remember. A good minister or officiate takes the time to get to know them, and rehearse with them before the big day.

Kyle insists that every couple he works with gets the same attention. The couple’s spirituality,belief, religion, or tradition must be honored and respected in their ceremony. Further, Kyle meets with his couples three times before their wedding. The first meeting is a consultation to get to know them, and to give them a planning packet. The second meeting reviews the final details. This is when the couple returns the planning packet to Kyle. The third meeting is the rehearsal and then the wedding itself. Between the three meetings all of the couple’s questions are answered. The process ensures a smooth wedding day.

Kyle is a man of service, and is one of the best wedding officiates performing Colorado weddings. Kyle would be honored to perform your wedding with kindness, professionalism, and love.


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