Event DJs are a great addition to your upcoming wedding.  Not only do they bring the music, but they are themselves entertainers.  When you are scouting entertainment for your wedding you want to make sure that the person is a great entertainer.  Event DJs usually carry their own equipment.  This is also a very important question to ask.  If your entertainer has to rely on the event location for speakers, mixers, microphones, etc then you have a much greater risk of technical difficulties.  Event DJs bring equipment they know, have worked with, and are reasonably sure will work on the day of your wedding. Does Kyle Troxel look or sound familiar?  He get’s that all the time! Kyle has more than 20 years of Broadcasting experience in Radio and Television in our Colorado market. He has won numerous awards for his performances, and for his community involvement. What better statement for your wedding than to have a recognized local personality officiate or DJ your special day?!

picture of kyle troxel wedding officiant event dj Not only has Kyle done countless corporate events, birthdays, retirements, and celebrations, but has also done hundreds of weddings.  Whether you are planning a traditional wedding, or a theme wedding, Kyle sets the right tone for your special day through music and crowd engagement. Kyle would love the opportunity to DJ your special event.  He is open to possibility of Officiating and DJ-ing your wedding. However, it is much more common for him to bring an assistant. The assistant handles the majority of the DJ responsibilities. while he engages with the audience.  If you need a valuable source of information for couples looking for an Event DJ to learn more please contact Kyle by visiting our Contact Page. picture kyle troxel event dj

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