Below is a sample of a non religious ceremony. It is only a sample and can be added to changed to suite your particular tastes. For a non religious ceremony Kyle would normally dress in a formal suit and tie or some thing more comfortable, again it is up to the bride and groom.

Good Evening and Welcome!

On behalf of Groom and Bride, I would like to thank you for joining us today, to share and witness in this celebration of marriage. You have all played important roles in the many and varied stages of their lives. Through your love and support, you have enriched their lives, helping them to grow, and there is no doubt that they have touched your lives in return.

Groom and Bride would also like to honor those who are with us today only in spirit, and
to thank them for their loving presence.

Groom and Bride, marriage is not a destination but a journey. One paved with both smooth and rough roads. Roads which will lead you to learn more about yourselves, about each other, and about the world around you. Marriage is a shinning experience. It is an adventure in the most intimate of human relationships. It is this sharing that will enhance the individuality of each of you, thus enabling you to achieve a fuller meaning in your new life together.

Ladies and Gentlemen: This couple has chosen to marry, not because they belong to each other, but because they belong with each other. Because they wish the same happiness for each other, each will strive to reach harmony by adjusting to the needs of the other, while remaining true to themselves. When things do not go smoothly, they will try to be gentle, and understanding, flexible and receptive, open and most importantly loving. They will give what is needed and more…they will take what is needed and no more. They will be truthful, so they may always trust. They will be respectful, for each of them is a special human being that has been blessed with much love and the capacity to share it.

Groom and Bride, you love each other because you are collaborators, companions and allies. Face to face and side by side; and yet, you are two separate individuals who, not out of need but from knowing and loving, want to share your life together always. It is because you have chosen to share your life together always, that we stand here today.

Love makes burdens lighter because you divide them. It makes joys more intense because you share them. It makes you stronger, so you reach out – becoming involved in life in ways you would dare not risk alone. Take pride in each other’s achievements and learn to encourage and support each other as a process of your life together. Love each other’s families as your own. Laugh and create laughter everyday. Let your love serve as a common source of energy. Let your love give you the strength to stand apart, to seek out your own destinies, to make your own special contributions to the world.

Remember that marriage is a promise that takes a lifetime to fulfill.

As you build your lives together, realize that you will continue to grow and change. Always remember to accept each other’s decisions from the past and to support each other’s dreams for the future.

Groom: It is with all of these intentions that I now ask you, is it your wish to continue with this marriage celebration?

Bride: It is with these same intentions that I now ask you, is it your wish to continue with this marriage celebration?

The rings please…

Groom and Bride, These rings symbolize your love for each other and will be a reminder of this, your wedding day. Unbroken they encircle your finger, with no beginning and no ending. Their similarity represents your joint purpose in life. Their uniqueness represents the individuality that both of you bring to this union. Let these rings from this day forward be your most treasured adornment and may the love they represent be your most valuable possession.

And now I ask you…

Groom, will you have this woman, Bride,
Whose hand you hold, to be your wedded wife:
…to share your life openly with her,
…and pledge that you will love and honor her above all others,
…to continue in her life without possessing or directing it,
…to encourage her and always speak the truth to her,
…to be faithful to her
…to care for her
…to help her realize her goals and her dreams
… to be her friend, her lover, and her husband all the days of your life?

“I will”

Then, Groom, please repeat after me.

“With this ring, I thee Wed”

And now I ask you, Bride, will you have this man, Groom, Whose hand you hold, to be your wedded husband:
…to share your life openly with him,
…and pledge that you will love and honor him above all others,
…to continue in his life without possessing or directing it,
…to encourage him and always speak the truth to him,
…to be faithful to him
…to care for him
…to help him realize his goals and his dreams
… to be his friend, his lover, and his wife all the days of your life?

“I will”

Then, Bride, please repeat after me.

“With this ring, I thee Wed”

Groom and Bride, may all your hopes and dreams be realized. May the love you share continue to be the most important part of your life together. May your home be a place of harmony, warmth and peace. A place where you can feel relaxed and comfortable. A place where you can gain strength and support; where you will always find a friend. May the people you touch in your lifetime know how much you care for each other. May your today’s and tomorrow’s be filled with vision, joy and romance. May your love be a sanctuary from which you draw your strength, to live your lives with enthusiasm and imagination. May you together give back to the world some of the wonderful things it has given to you.

May you live out your days with great joy…may you live in one another’s company in peace. May you endlessly delight in each other and may your love fulfill one another always.

Groom and Bride, It is now by the power of the love you have for each other, and by the power vested in me in the State of Colorado, I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.

You may now seal your vows with a kiss.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Let me introduce for the first time…

Mr. and Mrs. __________________!

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